Elena Martino was born in Turin, Italy. She studied contemporary dance at the conservatory of Cologne and worked in various projects around the world. Co-founder of the circus ‘Convoy Exceptionell’, she deepens her passion for aereal acrobatics, incorporating contemporary dance as well. She follows her south Italian roots through traditional dance and singing and diverse percussion techniques of the tamburello. Her passionate andmoving voice floats naturally over the energetic rhythms of the tamburello.


Coco Kausch grew up between France, Germany and Ireland and feels at home in between different cultures. His violin was even more loyal to him than his magnificant companion Elena, with which he has two children. He studied Jazz Violin at the conservatory of Cologne, has a master degree in African Studies, circus musician and musician for Theater Titanicks latest Production – Trip Over, sound engineer. As a passionate handcrafter he built the stage on wheels, which gives a poetic note to Tarantatá‘s performance.